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"Back in January I had my 3 month diabetes screening, and was shocked when the Doctor told me that my blood sugar levels were extremely high, my HbA1c level was running between 12 and 15%, which if not addressed could result in some major coronary problems within the next 10 years, including angina and a strong possibility of a heart attack or stroke. This shook me to the core, I needed to do something about it. My GP said I had 2 choices; 1. Try and reduce my blood/sugar levels through healthy eating and exercise or 2. Increase my medication and also start insulin injections, this wasn't a very nice prospect.

This news conveniently coincided with the launch of La-rev at The Park, so I thought I'd have a go at one of the free spinning sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed it and started to attend 3 sessions a week, I soon found that these sessions were giving me a new lease of life. The 45 minute session were intense but enjoyable, I liked the fact that I could regulate my own level of resistance and pace myself.

I have been spinning regularly now for 3 months and have recently had another screening, my HbA1c level is now down to just over 8 (between 4-7 is normal), and my GP is pleased with the results, he has agreed to postpone an increase in medication as long as I continue to keep my levels under control.

Spinning has had a major positive impact on my life, including my recreational cycling, giving me more energy to tackle hills and distances I would usually avoid, I also get out on the bike a lot more often now, as I would usually come home from work and slump on the sofa in front of the T.V, feeling tired and listless, I now feel a lot healthier with more get up and go.

Once again I would like to thank Les and the team for helping me improve my health and lifestyle.

Vive La-rev

Yours sincerely,
John Bennett"

"Les Antoine has been an exceptional part of the UK National Spinning® Team for many years. His presenting style and passion for the Spinning® Program is infectious and has transformed a great many lives on the road to health & fitness. His success is due to his down to earth teaching style, genuine desire to help those around him and open and approachable manner. His knowledge and expertise comes from a very wide spectrum of experience within the fitness industry and many years of his own training as a former international athlete. It is always an honour to work along side him as a member of the UK Spinning® Team."
- Mel Chambers - UK Spinning® Master Instructor

"As a life-long cyclist I had always been sceptical of Spin® classes, I thought the only real training miles were done on the road in real conditions.

How wrong I was! Whilst training for the Paris - Brest - Paris 1200km cycle race I decided to give Spinning® a go to add to my weekly riding. I was amazed what a great workout it was and how much more it pushed you. Les's classes were great, with a structured workout mirroring the kind of thing I was used to on the road but condensed into a 45 min session.

Throughout the year I found my qualifying times on 200k, 300k, 400k, and 600k events dropping by hours compared to previous seasons. The power and technique I was learning in Les's classes was really paying off. Hills I might of sat back and pushed up in a low gear were now just a quick standing sprint to the top and onto the next!

Club mates were commenting on my improved times and what was my secret! I happily said it could only be down to the one thing I was doing different to them, Les's Spin® classes!

So I finished the Paris-Brest-Paris 1200km ride in a great time and now Spinning® is a weekly part of my cycle training. I have tried a few other Spin® classes but Les's are by far the best, it’s not hard to see why he is so popular. Great sessions, excellent motivation, and good music too! What more could you ask!

Thanks Les for introducing me to the world of Spin®."
- Paul Rainbow

"I had been disconnected from my body for years, I'd become so numb and then I discovered Spinning®. It became a sort of therapy for me because I started to 'feel' again - emotionally and physically, together rather than separately. Les' Spin® classes in particular were instrumental in getting me to the point of reconnection because the classes allowed me to express emotions externally that I typically hid deep down inside. The sweat hid a lot of tears!

Les is like this tornado of positivity, energy and enthusiasm.

Les will always say 'you can' and never say 'you can't'."
- Becky Mitchell, Fitness Enthusiast