La-rev Spinning® Rides

The most important aspect of any Spinning® class is that everyone has the opportunity to work at their own levels. Riders should be encouraged to 'back off' anytime they need to, or to 'push on' if they feel able.

At La-rev you will be able to find your own space within the energy zones.

A good Spinning® programme is full of variety with rides and profiles that challenge your body and mind in a different way every time.

The Spinning® rides are:

  • ENDURANCE - flatter rides aimed at keeping your heart rate around 65 - 75% of your maximum. These rides will build your base fitness levels and encourage your heart and lungs to work more efficiently. Utilising fats as the major fuel source, these rides will definitely help if you are trying to lose fat as well as improving your fitness/sporting performance.

  • STRENGTH - these rides push the heart rate to 75 - 85% whilst climbing hills in and out of the saddle. Trying to stay relaxed whilst pushing a 'big gear', will get your heart and legs pumping. These rides will take you just to the point where your lungs are crying out for oxygen, but the driving rhythms won't let you stop!

  • INTERVALS - these rides will test your fitness and recovery rates. You may be able to push hard in the sprints and up the hills but how quickly can you get your heart rate and breathing rate back under control?

  • RACE DAY - time trial rides that we do every few months to test how your training is coming along. You really need a heart rate monitor for this one to see exactly how many beats per minute your heart goes to at full effort.

La-rev instructors will work within the energy zones to produce an exciting variety of rides. A good instructor will bring the ride to life using their coaching and interpersonal skills. No press ups on handle bars, no hovering, no squats on the pedals, no screaming at people - if you do something that you cannot do on your bike outside then you are not in a Spinning® class.

Below is an example of an endurance/aerobic ride:


Most of this ride is done in the saddle, with two 20-30 second pushes out of the saddle in each section.

Emphasis for this ride is control of heart rate whilst riding with different cadences and resistances.