The Classes

Spinning® Rides

45 minute sessions that will help you to achieve your goals in a group setting. The energy of riding as group will inspire you to achieve more. Beginners and experienced cyclists will work alongside each other. You can take responsibility for your ride by adjusting the resistance on the bike to what is right for at that precise moment.

We hope that you will meet new people and share experiences. Through working physically together as a group people can forge friendships that may last a lifetime.

The rides will follow a periodised programme that will include endurance, strength and interval sessions; these will build to a Race Day or Time Trial session every 10 to 12 weeks.

Chilling Spinning®

This is the most chilled out you will ever be on a bike. This session is ideal for anyone starting or returning to exercise. The focus is on breathing, internal focus and relaxation, perfect for relieving the stress and tension that builds up throughout the day.

Spin® and Stretch

A Spin® class followed by a deep stretch of all the hip and thigh muscles that get tight on the bike. Bring an extra towel and a spare t-shirt so you can be comfortable whilst you stretch.

Spin® and Core

All the energy of a Spinning® ride followed by abdominal strengthening and specific functional and stability exercises.

Kettle Bells

This session will improve muscular conditioning specifically in your hamstrings, butt and upper back. You will get an all over body workout that will burn calories quickly as you go through a range of exercises using the kettle bells.

Circuit Training

This is an all over body training session that will compliment your Spinning® and cycling programme. Using floor exercises to strengthen and tone upper body and abdomen and dynamic exercises for heart and lung fitness and fat loss. This stand out session will improve your fitness, help you to lose body fat, gain muscle tone, improve posture and give you stability in your core muscles.

Begin to Spin® Rides

These are 20 minute sessions for newcomers to Spinning® and indoor cycling. This ride is your induction into the Spinning® programme. It is important for newcomers and inexperienced riders to do one of these sessions as it will improve your understanding of Spinning® and ensure you get the most from your training rides.

Begin to Spin® rides will cover:

  • How to set your bike up correctly
  • Riding techniques and positions
  • Adjusting resistance
  • Explanation of Spinning® rides and philosophy
  • Equipment required so you can get the most from your sessions


You've all heard of HIIT right? Well it's nothing new, short bursts of high intensity exercise followed by an even shorter rest period. It's been around for centuries but it's now been realised that this type of training burns fat fast and torches calories.

We aim to get you totally exhausted in around 45 minutes, if you aren't dripping in sweat and feeling totally spent you haven't worked hard enough. For every move there will be harder or easier options, but make no mistake whichever option you go for will have your heart racing.

One to One and Small Group Rides

If you have a more specific training need or want to build up more confidence on the bike before going into a class you can book a personal training session on the bike, or have a session with a few friends.

One to One sessions can be useful if you are training for a specific event or you need help in a specific area.

You can book a one to one session with any of our instructors, simply contact us to arrange a time and date that suits you.