Hello from La-rev!

Here’s an update of what’s going on at La-rev at the moment. Look forward to seeing you soon!

Superspin11 – New Spinning bikes – New LA Rev t-shirts – Healthy Eating Talk – Personal Training

Superspin 11 – Another Ride Around Africa is coming on Saturday 21st November! 3 x 1 hour rides to support the Qhubeka.org charity. We will be riding from deserts of the north to plains of the south with rhythms and music to match. Last year we managed to raise £960, hopefully we can go through £1000 this time.

Booking opens on 21st October full details on homepage of the website. Come along and support this wonderful cause! Look at Qhubeka.org for more info about the charity.

Come and have a ride on the brand new Spinner Pro Plus bikes at La-rev. The new bikes arrived last week and really need to be ridden in - hard!

We are in the process of designing a brand new La-rev jersey. This year it will be a t-shirt design rather than a cycling jersey. This will make them cheaper and more wearable away from the studio too. More details coming very soon...

The Healthy Eating and Nutrition talk that was postponed in the summer will now be on Wednesday 28th October. The title is the Miracle! Wrinkle Free Diet. All of the things that you can do to prevent ageing on the inside and stay looking young on the outside. There are so much that can simply be done that no-one ever tells you about. Well I’m going to tell you how you can feel better and keep the wrinkles at bay. This session is free to Monthly members, Voucher users just book as per a normal class, anyone else cost is only £5. If you would like to be included on regular information about healthy eating topics from me, please email me.

Remember, if you need to give your training a bit of a boost, or are training for a specific event you can book a Personal Training session with Les or Pru. PT sessions are £30 for La-revistas and £40 for non-La-revists.

Yours healthily,
Les Antoine