Due to overwhelming demand SuperSpin4 has become Super DoubleSpin4 involving two back to back 90 minute rides!

October 4, 2011

At last, here comes the long awaited and much anticipated SuperSpin4! A 90 minute ride for all bike lovers! Now the summer of riding is over, there is no reason to let your fitness levels drop. On this ride we will simulate real hills and rolling terrain that will evoke all the emotions you get from riding outdoors.

A proportion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the The Akabusi Charitable Trust. TACT takes action to make a difference to the poorer communities in Africa, and particularly in Nigeria. They currently have an initiative to support women in Nigeria to start a small business in the rural community in order to stimulate their economy and support their families, in particular their children's health and education. For full details of their work go to http://www.akabusitrust.org.