Amanda Pickstock

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor - Gym and Circuit Training
  • Level 1 Spinning® Instructor
  • Jumpfit® Instructor
Amanda Pickstock

Amanda's fitness journey started age 43, when a friend got her interested in the Couch to 5k. She ran her first 5k in 2015. Before that Amanda couldn't even run for a bus! Her passion for fitness grew from there. Amanda took up Pilates and worked on strength and became hooked on the good feelings from exercise, both mentally and physically.

When a friend approached Amanda to become an Instructor for Jumpfit®, she thought "What me, at my age?" Then thought, why not!

Les Antoine and the Level 2 Gym and Circuit Training course he delivers, gave Amanda the knowledge and skills that enabled her to grow in confidence to do something she never thought she would do.

Having recently qualified as a Spinning® Instructor Amanda is enjoying planning and delivering sessions using some great music to inspire the La-rev riders. Amanda also teaches her own mash up of aerobics and strength training in REVIVE classes and runs Jumpfit® Classes using rebound boots.

Amanda never enjoyed exercise before always seeing it as a chore. Because of this it has become her mission to deliver fun, enjoyable fitness classes that make people feel inspired, motivated and challenged but most of all put a smile on participants faces and make them want to come back for more!

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