About LA Revolution

The LA Revolution Concept

LA Revolution is a dedicated Spinning Centre, giving the best Spinning® Instructors the freedom and opportunity to deliver classes staying true to the Spinning® programme. Our classes will follow a structured and varied training programme using heart rate intensities, that will ensure participants are constantly challenged and working at the right level.

The LA Revolution Mission

To deliver a world class Spinning® programme using only dedicated and professional Spinning® Instructors who have a real desire to share their knowledge, enthusiasm and coaching skills to give participants a fun and rewarding experience.

The LA Revolution Aim

To give participants the opportunity to enhance their physical health and emotional well being whilst having fun. Our instructors will deliver Spinning® classes of real style and true quality.

The LA Revolution Difference

Our instructors are adequately rewarded for their time, commitment and efforts. We are all committed to teaching the Spinning® programme with passion and genuine enthusiasm.

Every time you clip into the pedals at LA Revolution, you can be sure that your instructor will take you on a journey of self discovery and physical achievement.

All of our instructors at LA Revolution are certified Spinning® Instructors.


Spinning® is the original and most popular indoor cycling programme in the world